The following is a list of classes we have taught through the Wauwatosa Recreation Department.

How to Use “The Cloud” Properly
Storing data on “The Cloud”? What exactly is “The Cloud”? How do you use it and what can it do for you and your technology device? How can “The Cloud” benefit you and your small busienss? Don’t be in a haze….join us to learn how to utilize “The Cloud”!

Computer Scams and Illicit Phishing
Don’t be a victim of computer hackers! Learn how to protect your computer, tablet and phone devices from scams and phishing using Microsoft, Apple or Android operating systems.

Ipod, flash drive, external hard disk drive, cell phone, digital camera, mp3 player, FM transmitter, printer, memory card …. What are these, their purpose and how to best use them?

Computer, Phone, Tablet
To Buy or To Upgrade : THAT IS THE QUESTION

Making the Most of Your PC
Learn simple steps to get optimal performance and reliability from your computer. Find out about necessary and optional updates, how to improve your computer’s speed, and how much memory you really need. Also get tips on maximizing your operating system and information on helpful utility programs.

How to use it. How to advertise on it.

What kind of computer or smart device should I get?
It’s all so confusing…tablet, notebook, netbook, laptop, computer… what are the differences? What can each do? What do I need? What can the device I just got as a present do and will it work for me?

OneDrive Microsoft Cloud Service
You might have heard of Skydrive or OneDrive before, but what is it exactly? How does it compare to iCloud (Apple) or Google Drive?

Computer and Technology Recycling
How to prepare your device when getting rid of it. Where can you take or recycle your Device?

Networking a Drive and Sharing Devices
Why would I want to have a network? How to set it up. How many computers are involved? Is there special programs that I need? How can I share Data and Devices like printers between computers and other devices like Tablets and Phones?

Protecting your Tech Devices
What are Scams, Virus, Phishing, Pharming, Vishing and Smishing ?
How can I protect myself from these ? How can I protect my Data? How can I protect my Privacy ?

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher
What are these programs and what can they be used for? How do I set them up ? How many devices that I have can they be on? What do they cost? Does it matter what the device operating system is that I want to run them on?

Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

What is VPN? Why would I want it? What can I put it on my device?